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      Do I really need a mentor? I think I am doing alright so why would I want a mentor? All a mentor will do for me is help me with my career development plans. I am not sure that I know what my plans are or if I could achieve them if I had a plan? When I ask myself about moving forward my inner voice keeps telling me that I will fail. My work place is riddled with … [Read more...]

It is Time – The Emergence of the Chief Mentoring Officer

        Organizations are now realizing the strategic significance of mentoring in their organization. It is seen as a way to address various business challenges and is in alignment with the creation of a “learning and development” environment that is focused on continuous growth. With continuous growth comes the innovative spirit that is lacking in so many … [Read more...]

Bullying – A Global Challenge

            At some time point in your life you have experienced bullying in some fashion. If the behavior was not addressed you assumed that it was acceptable behavior. Recent situations that have been reported in the media reflect how the behavior has gone unaddressed and we see people in positions of power using that to gain the upper hand in … [Read more...]

Communication and Mentoring

        I keep hearing stories of organizations that do not communicate well. They are either too busy or just can’t be bothered. Both of these are just excuses and the precursor to bigger problems down the road. Poor communication that is nurtured is like pouring all kinds of water on a patch of earth already infested with weeds. Eventually the weeds take ownership … [Read more...]

Mentoring – Where Relationships Can Begin

          When this topic came to me we started with “mentoring – where relationships begin” and then evolved to what we have as the title for this article. After reflecting on the title I realized that not all mentoring relationships are great – sufficient enough to fit the title above. So why is that? The mentoring process relies very heavily on the … [Read more...]