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Effective Mentoring – Assessing the Culture

      I have been blessed with the opportunity to be of service to a number of organizations to evaluate their culture and provide insight into whether or not they are mentor ready. Let me first explain what that means. Prior to the implementation of a mentoring program or a mentoring culture it is recommended that we do a culture assessment to … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring – Training is Key

      One of the reasons that mentoring programs are not as successful as they could be is the lack of training that is provided to mentors and mentees. Training can provide the mentor with the tools that they need to be successful in building and maintaining a trusted mentoring relationship and to guide them on their mentoring journey. If you … [Read more...]

Mentoring Programs and Relationships

     To ensure that we get the true meaning of mentoring we need to understand the importance of the relationship building process. If I am looking to establish the business value for mentoring I will want to make sure that we are building relationships that are going to pave the way to success.I was reviewing some feedback from a corporate … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring – The Exit of Traditional Mentoring

    We talked about the difference between the traditional style of mentoring and what we now call effective or modern mentoring. It is moving from a one dimensional relationship typically with a more senior mentor who spends time with someone their junior. Fast forward to today and the paradigm shift in mentoring and we now have a two way trusted relationship … [Read more...]

Mentoring Success or Failure – Building that Trusted Relationship

      We spent the day together and shared a number of personal experiences some of which were filled with emotion and tears and others that were thought provoking. While this was a day of training on becoming an effective mentor it was also a day of learning. We grew personally and professionally and discovered things about each other and just … [Read more...]

Mentoring – Personal Development

       I truly enjoy and am honored when I get to spend time with people that want to learn and grow personally and professionally. Last week I had the pleasure and honor to speak to a group of women about mentoring. These courageous women are embarking on a career journey in the trades – electrical, plumbing and carpentry. We had a … [Read more...]

Mentoring and a Happy Culture

    I have commented on this particular topic once before and I am seeing a lot more interest in the concept of a “happy culture” during my research. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, UAE’s vice president and prime minister and ruler of Dubai recently announced the appointment of the Minister of Happiness for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).His Majesty … [Read more...]

Leadership and Mentoring – A Recipe for Success

     I always look forward to the Deloitte Human Capital Trends report as it provides us with some reminders of what is important and what we are not doing well. The 2016 report didn’t let me down as it drove home some very important messages for organizations and people that are aspiring to lead us into the future.It should come as no surprise to … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Sell Your Business – Mentoring Plays a Role!

     Small to medium sized organizations occupy a large percentage of the market place. Approximately 90% of the businesses globally fall into the small to medium size business. Now here is the scary part! Approximately 71% of the business owners are planning on exiting their business in the next ten years. The optimum word in the last sentence is … [Read more...]

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level – What does it take to be a great leader?

You know mentorship is a huge interest for me!When my associate, Sherry Knight interviewed me she said how influential this information was for all leaders. Together we discussed it …Being a leader means inspiring others to listen to their own sense of wisdom. After all, we all think, have skills and experience.If you are or want to be a great leader you know it is critical you show … [Read more...]