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    I have been bouncing this statement off a number of colleagues and was intrigued by some of the responses that I got back. When we talked our way through the concept we actually came to agree that the statement may well be true. So there you go! I have said it now – “there is no such thing as stress!”So what is the definition of stress? “The term … [Read more...]

Through the Eyes of a Mentee

     We started the exploration of what mentoring actually meant to those that are involved in the process – the mentors and the mentees. We reached out to a number of mentors and gathered their perspective on mentoring and what it meant to them. (http://talentc.ca/2016/through-the-eyes-of-a-mentor/)We now want to share the perspective of a number … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Mentoring

    When you are thinking of finding a mentor or becoming involved in a mentoring program have you thought about the journey that mentoring has been on over the years. Mentoring was always seen as the wise old sage at the top of the mountain peak sharing their wisdom and knowledge more so by telling rather than guiding. We refer to that as the “traditional … [Read more...]

Through the Eyes of a Mentor

     I had a number of conversations with people that I have been spending time with in a mentoring role. We talked about how each of us perceived the journey that we were on and was there actually value that we got from our time together. The more we talked the more that it caused reflection on my part. I wondered how people view what they do as … [Read more...]


    The past couple of weeks has provided me with a lot of learning opportunities. I have been blessed to have had conversations with some women that I admire and respect. They understand leadership and how important it is in relation to family, community and the work place. They also struggle with moving ahead in the organizations that they are working in or … [Read more...]

Communication and Effective Mentoring

    In order for a mentoring relationship to thrive there needs to be communication between the two parties. Effective communication takes into account a number of variables. It can include the aspect of listening and hearing. All too often we may be listening but we are not actually hearing the message that is being delivered. I am sure that you can recall a … [Read more...]

Personal and Professional Growth Mentoring

     There has been some confusion regarding what is mentoring. I see a lot of reference to the organizational contexts of mentoring obviously with a slant towards the professional growth of employees. Mentoring is defined as a two way trusted relationship where both the mentor and mentee can grow personally and professionally. The relationship relies … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring – Assessing the Culture

      I have been blessed with the opportunity to be of service to a number of organizations to evaluate their culture and provide insight into whether or not they are mentor ready. Let me first explain what that means. Prior to the implementation of a mentoring program or a mentoring culture it is recommended that we do a culture assessment to … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring – Training is Key

      One of the reasons that mentoring programs are not as successful as they could be is the lack of training that is provided to mentors and mentees. Training can provide the mentor with the tools that they need to be successful in building and maintaining a trusted mentoring relationship and to guide them on their mentoring journey. If you … [Read more...]

Mentoring Programs and Relationships

     To ensure that we get the true meaning of mentoring we need to understand the importance of the relationship building process. If I am looking to establish the business value for mentoring I will want to make sure that we are building relationships that are going to pave the way to success.I was reviewing some feedback from a corporate … [Read more...]