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Doug Lawrence is the only one to hold the Certificate of Practice – Journey Mentor provided by the International Mentoring Community (IMC) in the world today. A trained Journey Mentor is a mentor of mentors working to assist people navigating the certification process provided by IMC. The Journey Mentor plays a significant role of being a part of the support structure for mentor health. This requires that the Journey Mentor be able to provide a deeper, richer mentoring experience
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Doug works with organizations who have high employee turnover, low productivity and a shaky bottom line with his Culture Assessment process. Doug interviews employees and managers to get a snapshot of the culture of the organization and makes recommendations on what needs to be done to get the organization back on track. The Culture Assessment assists Doug in determining whether or not the organization is ready for mentoring.
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Certifications We Have Supported

What a Culture Assessment Does For Your Business?

Promote Growth & Stability In Your Business!

Avoid high employee turnaround
Stop employee low productivity
Prevent bleeding the bottom line

Making You Successful Is What Matters

TalentC works directly with organizations struggling to:

Create engaged and empowered employees
Reduce strife and stress in the workplace
Grow Leaders In Their Organization
Build stronger leaders in management
Cultivate employee/manager relationships
Foster leadership for communities

Mentoring Saves Organizations Money!

Build long term sustainable value

An organization with 150 employees typically has an annual turnover rate of about 11%. If it costs $25K to hire and onboard a single employee, while losing $10K in development and a loss of $50K of interrupted existing productivity and missed opportunities, then those 16.5 turn over employees have cost this company about $1.57 million. Reducing turnover employees by just 20% would save this company about $300K, which can now be allocated to new ventures.

All generations, backgrounds, and culture recognize the value ... and want Mentoring as part of their workplace environment. They know they need to be challenged to succeed. They understand that work is more than a job. It’s about being able to help others and becoming the best that they can be.

The older generation needs Mentoring to gain the soft skills needed to train and guide these eager young professionals on their path to becoming successful business people in their field. They want to hand the job off to someone they know can succeed and carry on their legacy. Mentorship helps both generations and the organization discover and reach their fullest potential. Contact TalentC® today to learn more about how together we can create powerful change. Making you successful is what matters!

Doug Lawrence of TalentC is the Co-Founder of the International Mentoring Community (IMC)

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Discover Doug's New Book

You Are Not Alone: Mental Health Mentors Take the Journey With You

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“Mentoring and Mental Health are topics of living currency that are with us! Knowing they are directly connected is a pathway of necessity for community members, especially for every mentor-mentee interaction. Doug offers poignant stories to illustrate key mentoring concepts and practices that move you forward in being for the world you care to share. Today is the day to open Doug’s book and enthuse your learning into your living! Because the next person you meet may require your assistance in not being alone!” ~ Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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The Regina Construction Association
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