January 30, 2010

Mentoring - Shaping Who I am today!

Doug Lawrence

Have you ever looked back over your career and thought about all the people that have had an influence on who you are today. Your leadership and management style – was that something that you were born with?

Whether we realize it or not we have all been influenced by a number of people over the course of our careers. For those of you just embarking on your career journey, the ride is going to be an interesting one. You will experience many different things; you will observe many different styles of leadership and your will need to make personal choices on who you want to be. You will need to be aware that learned behavior plays a strong role in influencing who you will become.

So what can you do to help make that career journey interesting, but as smooth sailing as possible? Finding a mentor and developing a long term relationship with that person will most definitely assist you in becoming the best that you can be. A formal mentoring relationship has more structure to it and where possible, your mentor should have some form of mentor training. This will help your mentor be the best that they can be – and through learned behavior – you will become the best that you can be as well.

An article published by Postmedia News entitled “Mentoring can give careers a boost” supports the formal relationship and views mentoring as a means to give someone a leg up in life.

Become the best you can be and search for a mentor who will help you reach that goal!

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