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Online Branding – Key to Business Success

When I first shaped with my vision, which was to make organizations and people successful, I wondered just how that was going to become a reality. I was blessed with some great business advisors who guided me down a path where we shaped that vision and I could actually see the reality of what I was proposing. No one said running a business was going to be easy. But the more people I spoke to and the more research I did, I found that there were quite a few ways to help increase brand awareness. From traditional methods such as word of mouth to trying something creative such as getting labelled water bottles made through sites like Custom Water that has the company’s logo, to even using social media to its advantage, these are some ways that many of us can look at when it comes to hopefully creating a successful business. The challenge was how we could reach the vast array of organizations in the many different industries/markets that were out there as quickly as possible.
Awareness of our solutions and our brand were obviously critical factors that we needed to devote some time and attention to. We also needed to be positioned as a thought leader in the area of mentoring and succession development otherwise we would not be taken seriously. How is that all possible? As I am writing this, I am seeing a message for all entrepreneurs that are embarking on a similar journey – to take a vision and shape it into a reality and then take it to market. Call this article some free mentoring advice.
Every day I check my Google Analytics to see what the traffic has been the past day which then has an impact on where I target my efforts for the next few days. I also, as most of you know, work diligently at writing a blog article on a weekly basis that address some opportunity that I have been exposed to recently or in past jobs. There are always messages for us in everything that we do and it is rewarding to be able to share those with others. It has been said by experts that a good online brand creates authority. It has also been said that a good online brand creates additional traffic which can lead to new leads and opportunities all the while improving your overall brand. With creating a brand it could be useful to seek help from Mighty 8th Media who might be able to support your businesses overall brand and develop a stronger marketing strategy.
So what is this thing we call online branding? It is a combination of direct marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and other forms of online marketing. Social media campaigns are a huge part of online branding nowadays, meaning that producing attractive content is important. Some businesses achieve effective social media marketing themselves or by using pr agencies, but some companies remain skeptical. So why use PR agencies in the first place? Agencies dealing with pr can be a highly effective method of drawing new customers to businesses, whilst also interacting with existing clientele. You could look at finding a pr agency closer to you if you want to find out more. However, personal branding is also a form of online branding. For example, a website profile builder like Carrd is used to enhance personal or business branding. I know, you are thinking the same thing that I was a while ago, and you might have heard these terms before, and even something about each one, but I can tell you it goes deeper than that.

I was fortunate in connecting with a person who I view as an expert in this field. We worked together developing an online branding strategy that would work for my company at that time and point. I have been very impressed with the results. Today I want to share with you how to develop your online branding strategy in order to begin thinking about your brand in a different light . This will give you some insight into what I have been talking about and you can then begin the journey of developing an online branding strategy that will assist in increasing your presence in the market and being recognized as a thought leader in your area of expertise.

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