February 8, 2013

Mentoring - A Guide to the Hidden Pathways of Greatness!

Doug Lawrence

“Ecologists remind us that a tree planted in a clearing of an old forest will grow more successfully than when it is planted in isolation in an open field. The roots of the new planting will follow more easily and more deeply the hidden pathways of the old root system.” *

Mentoring could be considered as guiding another in the process of ‘self-discovering’ life’s hidden pathways to greatness, in the context of a caring relationship where wisdom is uncovered, appreciated and integrated into one’s own life and work.

Doug Lawrence of TalentC  is uniquely able to provide this kind of wise mentoring but also to effectively train others to become equipped and empowered  in this much needed ‘gift of mentoring.’

Recently I had the privilege of taking the Level One Training with Doug Lawrence, and was personally impacted with his insights and inspired by his training.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is seeking to successfully grow their business as well as their own personal lives, to tap into the TalentC’s rich and organic pathway of mentoring.


Submitted by Walter Klassen MA

President of Keystone Insurance

Consultant with Continuity Partnership


*Quote is taken from James Houston’s Book “The Mentored Life”.

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