March 20, 2013

Set the tone for the rest of the Symposium

Doug Lawrence

I took Talent C’s Level 1 Mentor Course where Doug Lawrence was the Facilitator for the course. He and I share the same passion for helping people to be the best they can be by way of Mentorship. When it was time to plan our “Going for Gold” Mentorship Symposium, I knew that Doug would be the right person to have speak at our Symposium. The fact that he was a local speaker was very appealing and provided a local connection. Doug was our very first presenter and his presentation on Mentor Programs or Mentor Culture set the tone for the rest of the Symposium. We wanted the audience to get familiar with the concept of mentorship if they were not already. Doug’s passion for mentoring and his role as a thought leader in the mentoring space was very evident throughout the presentation. He was very accommodating and willing to create a presentation suitable for the event. I would highly recommend Doug as a presenter and as a resource to engage if you are looking at establishing a mentoring programs or a mentoring culture.

Patti LeBlanc, RN

Mentorship Consultant

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region


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