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Bullying – A Global Challenge







At some time point in your life you have experienced bullying in some fashion. If the behavior was not addressed you assumed that it was acceptable behavior. Recent situations that have been reported in the media reflect how the behavior has gone unaddressed and we see people in positions of power using that to gain the upper hand in feeding their undesirable needs. It is far easier to ignore the issue, to ignore the victim in these situations than it is to address the behavior.

I have been subject of bullying and it is not an experience that I wish to repeat too many times. Bullying can take place at any stage of our life and at any age. Who is the bully may come as a surprise. Victims have no age restrictions and neither do bullies. I have seen incidents of bullying taking place even amongst family members. How can we address the behavior when it is so deeply rooted in all aspects of our lives?

There are lots of studies that have been done and I have provided some links to a couple. If you don’t think it is a global problem then it is time for you to do some reading. Bullying continues to be a global problem with not a lot of effort put on resolving the issue.

What can happen if we do nothing? We need to think of the impact on people and organizations. Individuals that are subjected to bullying behavior will end up with health issues whether they be mental or physical at some stage. If they are subjected to the behavior early enough in their life they too will likely become a bully. Victims of bullying have a lost sense of purpose. It is like someone took away their self-worth and they have become a mere shell of who they actually could be.

I have seen situations where bullying has ripped a family apart like each and every one had actually been subjected to the bad behavior. No one to turn to. No one that cares. We don’t address the root cause and prefer to just accept what is as it is the lesser of two evils. I have also seen the effects of where bullying behaviors have been internalized for decades causing unnecessary health issues, added pressure and the feeling that it was all their fault and not the bully’s. That literally ripped my heart out.

I have seen situations where mentoring has been a help to some folks who have been subjected to this behavior. I have spent time getting to understand and feel the pain and to be there to walk beside them as they finally deal with the trauma of being a victim of bullying. We all have a part to play in this global epidemic. Standing on the side lines and observing is not one of them. Any of the wonderful people that I have been blessed to spend time with that were dealing with bullying now and in the past have been appreciative of the mentoring process. We have made sure that they received professional help when and where it was required but we took ownership of the relationship and were by their side when needed. That is “The Gift of Mentoring” at work. This is a call to action – unleash the “Gift of Mentoring” and let’s attack this global issue together. Together we can make a difference and together we can share “The Gift of Mentoring” – “can we afford not to?”


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