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January 4, 2017

TalentC People Services Inc, & ACQUIROS, Inc

We are excited to announce the launch of the International Certified Mentor (ICM) Foundation Level Mentor Training Program going virtual. ACQUIROS and TalentC® worked together to create the International Certification for Mentoring program which launched in 2010. It is now being delivered to an international audience as people and organizations recognize what the “gift of mentoring” can provide.

ACQUIROS has been working diligently at moving the curriculum to a virtual environment. The curriculum was developed by a panel of subject matter experts and is based on the official syllabus developed using International standards and best practices. The ICM Foundation Level is offered in either a classroom session or a one on one virtual session with an ICM Certified Facilitator and now via a self-directed learning platform.

Doug Lawrence, President of TalentC® – People Services Inc. and Katie Copus, President of ACQUIROS share the passion that the “gift of mentoring” can provide. We are delighted to be able to offer another option for people and organizations to begin their mentoring journey.

ACQUIROS and TalentC® continue to work at evolving the ICM Program through strong Governance best practices and adherence to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.

For further information on the ICM Foundation Level Mentor Training or the International Certified Mentor Practitioner designation please check out the TalentC® website at www.talentc.ca or the ICM Society website at www.icmsociety.org, or the ACQUIROS website at http://www.acquiros.com/mentor


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