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It is Time – The Emergence of the Chief Mentoring Officer





Organizations are now realizing the strategic significance of mentoring in their organization. It is seen as a way to address various business challenges and is in alignment with the creation of a “learning and development” environment that is focused on continuous growth. With continuous growth comes the innovative spirit that is lacking in so many organizations today.

When you look at organizations today you see the creation of specific roles that focus on addressing specific areas – Chief Learning Officer or Chief Human Resources Officer for example. It is now time to introduce you to the Chief Mentoring Officer. This passionate, high energy person with great leadership skills, effective communication and trusted relationship skills will lead your organization into the future leveraging the “Gift of Mentoring” as the catalyst for change in the organization. This person will ensure that mentoring continues to be part of the strategic direction of the organization and that it is embraced at all levels within the organization.

There are a number of things for us to consider when we implement a mentor program and/or a mentor culture and it is something that is usually delegated to a program administrator to do. With the Chief Mentoring Officer in place the program administrator will have the strategic direction that is sometimes missing and is the difference between a great program with great results and a mediocre program with similar results.

Now you are probably thinking what do we need another special role and title for in an organization? What makes mentoring so special that we would want to create this role and bestow upon it such a glorious title. Good questions! What this does for the organization is raises mentoring to the strategic level in the organization and demonstrates senior executive buy-in to the “Gift of Mentoring.” When I look at a number of organizations that are talking about mentoring and what it would take to put something in place this would provide them with the catalyst to make it happen. When you launch mentoring in an organization and unlock the process to allow it to nurture and grown within you will be witness to the power of the “Gift of Mentoring.” The passion that flows and the commitment to continuous learning take the culture to the next level. A journey that is well worth taking.

Can we do some great things without this role being in place? Yes you can! Could we do some even greater things with this role being in place – you most definitely will! I have been truly blessed to have worked with six energized and passionate people the past three days. Their commitment to mentoring and what it will do for their organization is so rewarding to see. My colleague and I were taken on a journey with them and I am proud of their accomplishments but more importantly excited about what lies ahead. They are change mediators about to introduce the “Gift of Mentoring” into their organization. They are about to become the model that others will follow. Creating the role of Chief Mentoring Officer will take them to yet another level on the international stage. Mentoring will compliment initiatives already underway.

Let’s take some time to think about this. If you truly believe that mentoring can be that catalyst for your organization then assess the strategic alignment and it may be time for you to take this to the next level. The “Gift of Mentoring” is a powerful tool that assists in fostering the continuous learning and development environment that we all yearn for. Think about it – “can you afford not to?”


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