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What the World Gains From Optimism





I wanted to share with you the content from a presentation that was given by a young person to his school. The message that follows is a powerful one but let me first introduce you to the author:

My name is Dawson and I’m eleven years old and in grade six.  My hobbies at home are to hang out with my brother, play a few video games and collect hockey cards. I’m a huge fan of football and love to play as well.  I play in the RYFFL flag league in the spring and fall.  I cheer for the Rough Riders and the Dallas Cowboys.

Here is Dawson’s message:

What the World Gains From Optimism

Good morning honorable judges, time keeper, fellow contestants and special guests.  Today the topic of discussion is what the world gains from optimism.  As you know optimism is a positive mindset like seeing your glass half full rather than seeing your glass half empty.  Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without optimism?  People would feel sad, unhappy and discouraged.  Optimism impacts the world in many aspects of our life including home, learning and sports. In order for the world to be a better place it needs to start with us and our positive attitudes.

Now let’s discuss how optimism impacts our daily lives.   Optimism impacts our daily lives with family friends and even chores you do around the house.  One of the most optimist people I know is my Grandma.  She is always happy and encouraging me to try new things.  She gives me a boost of confidence and is always smiling.  She’s always says good things about me when I get my report card back like “I am so proud of you”.  This makes me more optimistic and want to keep doing my best.  How you react to someone is how they are going to react to the next person and that is like the domino effect.  If all of you in this gym today said something positive every day to someone this world would benefit from optimism.

We could also talk about how optimism affects learning.  Optimism affects learning by encouraging you keep trying at a problem.  You are more likely to feel good about yourself and succeed on your test assignment or work than if you gave up.  As a pessimist you are more likely to give up, not succeed or won’t continue to try.  It has been proven that the more you try the more you learn.  “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. This is a quote by Henry Ford the very successful founder of the Ford Motor Company.  This quote inspired me by not quitting on things that are hard in life. This quote also ties back into optimism because if you think you can you can do it but if you think you can’t you won’t.  Attitude is everything!

Another topic of discussion is how optimism influences sports.  Optimism influences sports by having a team full of players that have optimistic mindsets.  This leads them to a better chance of winning.  A leader can help lead their team by training their mind to think positively so they can believe they can beat the other team.  If the leader did not have a positive mindset then they could not lead their team to victory nor be the best leader they could be.  A well-known example of this is Darian Durant, the former quarterback of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  On his right arm he has a tattoo that says “Against all odds, I am going to shine”.  Darian Durant has fought many battles with his injuries but always was there to support his team.  This is an example of no matter how hard something is you can push through it, do your best and hopefully succeed.

As I just talked about, optimism affects may things in our life like home, learning and sports.  But if you think about all the positive things in life then you don’t have to worry about the pessimists.  I think the following quote ties back in with optimism by not just giving up but trying one more time and learning from your mistakes. And I quote “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. “Thomas A. Edison

Thank you,

Dawson Herback