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The Importance of Issue Identification to the Mentoring Arrangement






If I want to advance my career development but seem to be in the midst of a struggle that would be an issue. If I did not believe in my capabilities that would be an issue. These are two of many examples that we could talk about that define what an issue could be. The challenge for us in the mentoring arrangement is to identify what those issues are so that we can begin to work through them together.

An issue can be defined as an important topic or problem for debate or discussion. Issues cover a wide range of topics.

A problem is defined as a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

The definition of appreciations is that it is a full understanding of a situation.

An issue can impede the progress of a mentor arrangement. There are times when a situation occurs and becomes an issue and does so due to poor communication. Issue identification is dependent on the trusted relationship that is required for the mentor arrangement.

Problems are issues that were not dealt with effectively. Problems can impact communication between the participants and may not seem to be a problem to one of the participants in the mentor arrangement. When this occurs considerable effort may be required to get both participants on the same page.

Appreciations are the ideal state of the critical thinking process. Communication takes place which may result in the topic becoming an issue. If it is not dealt with appropriately then it becomes a problem. The desired state is to have a full understanding of the situation and to be able to work together to resolve issues before they become problems. Issue identification requires critical thinking skills in order to minimize the impact on the mentor arrangement.

An issue becomes a problem when not addressed and is usually the result of a break down in the appreciation of what is taking place.


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