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It’s Necessary to Challenge This Mentoring Myth In Every Workplace



I read an article today that I could not leave unanswered. I have attached the link to the article below and would encourage you to read the article. I would welcome any comments that you may have.

I challenge the concept (myth) that mentoring evokes the image of the older person mentoring a younger person. It’s this concept that is at the heart of this article and how it reflects on colleague relationships.

This older/younger type of style of mentoring is called “traditional mentoring”. There are some situations where this may occur. And I celebrate it for the situation. However, this image is not the prevailing image because mentoring has gone through a paradigm shift.

The traditional style has evolved to Effective Mentoring. And, I suggest it has become the new norm.

Effective Mentoring is a two way trusted relationship where both the mentor and mentee will learn and grow on a personal and professional basis. Age is not a causal factor. In fact I have a number of mentors in my life today and some of them are half my age. As long as you are willing to learn despite age differences effective mentoring can and will work for you.

I have implemented a number of mentoring programs in professional associations and it is all about understanding the needs of the organization and tailoring a program to meet those needs. Age once again was/is not a factor when matching people.

Yes – what is beneficial in all of these situations is training. All too often we throw people in the deep end of the pool and hope that they can swim. Mentoring is no different. Mentors and mentees do need some form of training in order for their arrangement/connection to be successful.

When you implement a mentoring program in any organization – whatever size, location, industry – you are laying the foundation for a continuous learning environment. It can create huge opportunities for growth on a personal and professional basis. A continuous learning environment goes well beyond what training programs can provide. It is also very helpful in enhancing the critical thinking skills in the mentors and mentees.

Today’s younger generation have made it very clear that they want to be mentored not administered in the workplace. Of the criteria guiding what they want at work is the availability and support of a mentoring program/movement.

Mentoring programs have been successful in professional organizations and will continue to be so.

When the business value of mentoring is fully understood can you. Embrace “The Gift of Mentoring.”

Link: https://www.thinkadvisor.com/2018/08/22/why-training-beats-mentoring-in-the-advisory-world/?slreturn=20180723141429

I welcome your comments …