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Mentoring Beyond – Using Intuitive Skills





Intuitive is defined as, “Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.”  I have been reflecting the past few days on the various mentoring relationships that I am blessed to be a part of. I think of the mentoring tools and techniques that I employ with my focus on bringing value to the person I am spending time with. The same approach can be said for my work with organizations.

You are likely wondering where this is going and how does it relate to mentoring. When I first thought about mentoring and intuitiveness I thought much the same thing. What changed my perspective was my own personal growth and seeing the impact on others. I began to see patterns where I instinctively knew that a person or an organization were struggling and needed guidance. The various types of energy that I was encountering supported by instinctive feelings helped me map out how I might be of service. For example, meeting with someone that you are mentoring and you get the feeling from the energy aura that they just want someone to listen to them without any judgement being passed. My role is to stay quiet and listen. When you sense that there is something deeper than that and know the right questions to ask to release the negative energy you are then able to provide the guidance required to move forward.

The same can be said when you are doing work inside an organization. Meeting with employees and creating a trusted relationship is the first step. Asking the right questions is the second. When you meet with the employees they too will have an energy aura that will tell quite the story. What you do with that information is another thing.

Instinctiveness and intuition are tools that can be part of your mentoring tool kit. They are tools that not all of us will have. The article mentioned below provides us with some more insight into the habits of a person that is highly intuitive. My suggestion is to click on the link and read the article as it does clearly bring clarity to what we are discussing.

I am a firm believer that great mentors are skilled and very intuitive. They have that inner sense that something may not be right and know the path they need to travel to address that observation. They take all that is going on around them into account and begin to create that deep and meaningful relationship. I am truly blessed in that I am able to create those deep and meaningful relationships. It has taken a lot of practice and did not happen overnight. I continue to this day fine tuning my intuitiveness as I know that there is always room to grow.

Intuitiveness is something that we need to understand. Not everyone will want to go on this journey. If you are one who aspires to have this as part of your mentoring tool kit then it is time for you to embrace “The Gift of Mentoring!”


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