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Fear can be a powerful tool that can cast a negative aura around all that it touches. Fear is something that we all face at various times in our life. Fear is something that we can manage or choose to let it manage us. Much the same as my position on stress.

In the mentoring process there is always the stigma of fear when we bring up the topic of addressing personal growth. For whatever the reason people want to shy away from speaking about their challenges on a personal level.

At the beginning of March in Victoria, British Columbia an absolutely wonderful person, Sharla Brown challenged those that attended the One Woman Fearless Summit to embrace empowerment and let go of the fear. Ten people shared their stories and how it had impact their lives and the lives of those around them. Those messages resonated with all that were in attendance. For some it was as though they had been placed right in the midst of the story being told as though it were their own.

Mentoring plays a part in facing that fear head on. We sometimes discount what a lack of self-esteem or confidence can do to us on a personal and professional level. Fear becomes the mask that we hide behind challenging all that negativity within. An effective mentor will address that fear and its root cause allowing you to grow personally and ultimately professionally as well.

One thing that I have noticed though in a lot of mentoring programs is the reluctance or perhaps fear of addressing the challenges contained within the personal side of a person we may be spending time with in a mentoring relationship. People become quite reluctant to want to broach the topic and as such it gets left untouched and the relationship suffers. The belief in the “gift of mentoring” begins to decline and what we had hoped for as a positive outcome doesn’t materialize.

The two references below speak to that very topic – the topic of personal growth and how mentoring is a key to meeting that fear head on. The majority of the people that I spend time with in a mentoring relationship know that we are going to talk about that first before we even begin the journey of their career development. The entrepreneurs that I work with know that we are going to make sure that we believe in who we are and what we are providing as a service before we look at how to move the company forward. If you don’t believe in what you offer how can you be of service?

Mentoring can make a difference in your life. It can help you face fear head on. It can help you become empowered and it can help you grow personally. Don’t waste another moment – embrace the “gift of mentoring” and face your fear head on.


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