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Accredited Mentor Training


ICM Accredited by CSME





TalentC® offers the world’s only Internationally Accredited Mentoring Training Program – International Certification for Mentoring (ICM).

Our Internationally Accredited Mentor Training Programs offer two levels of training that are available to companies of all sizes across the globe. The Level One course has no prerequisites; no previous mentoring experience is required. The Level 2 course is only available to groups that have completed Level One.

In order to achieve the designation of an International Certified Mentor Practitioner the Accreditation Body must be satisfied that the candidate has completed all of the course requirements and training from an Accredited Training Provider.


ICM Accredited by CSME

Level One: (Accredited and Deliverable)

  • No previous mentoring experience required
  • Must complete a workbook (approximately 6 hours of effort) pre-course
  • Training is one day (8 hours) in duration
  • On-line exam – pass mark of 70% ($125 USD exam fee – Acquiros)


Level Two: (Accredited and Deliverable)

  • Must have completed the Level One course
  • Must complete 10 hours of mentoring preferably with two different mentees – prior to taking Level Two – Reflective commentary of 400-500 words
  • Must complete the 2.5 day training course (20 hours)
  • On completion of the course – would be eligible to write the exam-pass mark of 70% ($250 exam fee – Acquiros)
  • On successful completion of the exam must complete and submit to the accreditation body the following Evidence Package: ($200 USD assessment fee/two year membership to ICM Society – Acquiros)
    • Evidence of 20 additional hours of mentoring
    • Reflective commentary of 750-1000 words
    • Create a personal development plan
    • Provide feedback records from the Level Two training course (Role playing)


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