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      I am called on to respond to questions regarding leadership and mentoring on the Quora website. I wanted to share those questions and responses with you on a regular basis. Here is the first installment: Q: Are you big on mentorship? A: Yes I am. I have seen my own growth through the “gift of mentoring” and I have seen the growth of others through deeper, richer … [Read more...]

It’s Necessary to Challenge This Mentoring Myth In Every Workplace

    I read an article today that I could not leave unanswered. I have attached the link to the article below and would encourage you to read the article. I would welcome any comments that you may have. I challenge the concept (myth) that mentoring evokes the image of the older person mentoring a younger person. It’s this concept that is at the heart of this article and how it … [Read more...]

A Healthy Organization

        I have been doing a lot of work lately with organizations to assess their culture so that we can determine mentor readiness. I had posted this article back in 2014 and it is very relevant to what I am seeing taking place in a lot of organizations today. ************************************************************** A healthy organization! What does … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring – Asking the Right Questions!

            She met with her mentor for the second time since they had started to work on building a relationship. She felt that it was definitely not at the trusted relationship as of yet even though that was the goal that their corporate mentoring coordinator had outlined for them. Coming into the program she was optimistic that this was going … [Read more...]

What Makes an Effective Mentor?

          It was a question that had haunted him for a while. He wondered how effective he was being in mentoring this young professional that had come to him for guidance. He was concerned that he was not bringing value to the relationship that they were developing and was afraid to ask the question. He had lots of experience and wanted to share that with … [Read more...]