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If You Have Stress in the Workplace, Read This …   I watched Jay Shetty’s video If Work Stresses You Out Watch This. It carried a message so strong it inspired me to write this post about PTSD and Stress in the Workplace. First, let’s establish some of the video’s work stats. ____________________________ 35% of us say that the #1 cause for stress in the workplace is our bosses … [Read more...]

The Mentoring Paradigm Shift

          Mentoring has reached a paradigm shift that comes from mentoring being recognized as a solution to business challenges. However, some confusion exists as to “what is mentoring” and “what is the best way to apply the mentoring” concepts? Countless myths exist about mentoring and the mentoring process. Mentoring is still sometimes seen from the … [Read more...]

High Turnover Rates Are Global Issue

          Your organization's annual employee turnover rate is bleeding your bottom line. A company with 150 employees typically has an annual turnover rate of @11%. If it costs $25k to hire and onboard a single employee, while losing $10k in development and a loss of $50k of interrupted existing productivity and missed opportunities, then those 16.5 turn over employees have cost … [Read more...]

Psychosocial Mentoring and PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) impacts about 8 people out of 100 at some time point in their life. About 8 million people will have PTSD in a given year. Many do not reach out for help or are not able to get help. (https://www.psycom.net/post-traumatic-stress-disorder/) The Practice of Mentoring (effective mentoring) focuses on professional development (career-related) and … [Read more...]


            I am asked on numerous occasions to respond to questions regarding mentoring, mentoring process and how mentoring can bring value to individuals and/or organizations. Here are some of those questions and my responses. Q: If you could be mentored by a "rich" business person who would it be and why? A: I highly recommend that your … [Read more...]