January 30, 2010
Mentoring - Shaping Who I am today!

Have you ever looked back over your career and thought about all the people that have had an influence on who you are today. Your leadership and management style – was that something that you were born with? Whether we realize it or not we have all been influenced by a number of people over […]

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January 21, 2010
Our CEO is leaving in 3 years!!!!!

You are the member of a Board of Directors and your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has just informed you that he/she is planning on retiring in the next 3 years. You never thought this day would come and as a result organizational panic begins to set in. Is this scenario fact or fiction? In a […]

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January 4, 2010
Who Makes a Good Leader

Far too often I hear from the many people that I have worked with over the years the daunting question of who makes a good leader. The question is always asked, “is that a quality that you are born with, or is that something that can be learned?” What do you think? I believe that […]

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