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I Can’t Leave the Closet

Is this your story? It doesn't have to be! I don’t know why society has labelled us as crazy. The more that I hear that I begin to believe that maybe that is the case. Maybe I am crazy. I have days where I just want to open the door and reach out hoping that there is someone there that would take my hand and offer to help me. There is so much darkness and I don’t feel that I can navigate it … [Read more...]

Will a bully make a good corporate leader?

          I am asked on numerous occasions to respond to questions regarding mentoring, mentoring process and how mentoring can bring value to individuals and/or organizations. Here is a question I received recently and my response. Will a bully make a good corporate leader? No. We don’t need or want a bully at the helm of the organization. What … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring’s Response to Increased PTSD and How It Impacts Both Genders Differently (Effective Mentoring Continuing Series – PTSD a Gender Perspective (#3)

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is something that can affect anyone who has been through a traumatic event. Most people learn to live with it, but there are treatment options out there. Some sufferers manage it with medication, especially with the way that ptsd and marijuana have been found to balance each other out. Of course, not every country has legalized the use of marijuana as of yet, … [Read more...]