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Will a bully make a good corporate leader?

          I am asked on numerous occasions to respond to questions regarding mentoring, mentoring process and how mentoring can bring value to individuals and/or organizations. Here is a question I received recently and my response. Will a bully make a good corporate leader? No. We don’t need or want a bully at the helm of the organization. What … [Read more...]

Effective Mentoring’s Response to Increased PTSD and How It Impacts Both Genders Differently (Effective Mentoring Continuing Series – PTSD a Gender Perspective (#3)

Many organizations are ill equipped to deal with employee stress and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in the workplace. Some manage it with medication, especially with the way that ptsd and marijuana have been found to balance each other out. However, one of the biggest mistakes with managements' approach in dealing with employees is by treating everyone the same cookie-cutter approach. … [Read more...]