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See the tremendous impact mentorship can have on an organization!

I had only an inkling what mentorship was before I took my training with TalentC.  After taking both Levels One and Two to become an Internationally Certified Mentor, I now see the tremendous impact mentorship can have on an organization, a group of any size and most importantly personal life. Through my own mentoring work I have witnessed amazing positive results through these 2 areas, self … [Read more...]

Set the tone for the rest of the Symposium

I took Talent C’s Level 1 Mentor Course where Doug Lawrence was the Facilitator for the course. He and I share the same passion for helping people to be the best they can be by way of Mentorship. When it was time to plan our “Going for Gold” Mentorship Symposium, I knew that Doug would be the right person to have speak at our Symposium. The fact that he was a local speaker was very appealing and … [Read more...]

I would highly recommend this course through TalentC.

"After recently taking the Level 1 Mentoring Course through TalentC, with Doug Lawrence, I found it very informative and motivating.  The course broadened my knowledge in regards to what mentoring exactly was and the importance of it.  By the end of the day, I realized how much of an impact mentoring can have in our organization and also in our personal lives.  I would highly recommend this course … [Read more...]

Questioning Skills – The Path to Critical Thinking

The Level 1 Mentorship certificate workshop and training process was professional and well presented. During the training there were good opportunities for practicing skills and Doug is a great mentorship role model who truly practices what he teaches. I'm glad I came to the workshop, have already used the questioning skills we learned and look forward to completing the next level! Marie … [Read more...]

Mentoring – A Guide to the Hidden Pathways of Greatness!

“Ecologists remind us that a tree planted in a clearing of an old forest will grow more successfully than when it is planted in isolation in an open field. The roots of the new planting will follow more easily and more deeply the hidden pathways of the old root system.” * Mentoring could be considered as guiding another in the process of ‘self-discovering’ life’s hidden pathways to greatness, … [Read more...]

Glenda Ball

Even after years of being involved in mentoring, and in coaching my management teams and employees, I found level one of the Mentor Practitioner Certification program very enlightening and immediately useful in my work.  It is my opinion that we all have a responsibility to give back and help grow our people and our businesses.  Mentoring is a wonderful way to do both if it is done in a way that … [Read more...]

Jim McKillop

After many years of loose/occasional communication Doug Lawrence and I were able to reconnect using social media in 2010 and thus began a weekly routine of calling each other on Skype. With Doug first offering to provide me with free mentoring services, what developed was a rekindling of a lifelong friendship that is as strong today as it was nearly 40 years ago when it began. Doug is a kind … [Read more...]

Mentoring Impact

Doug is a familiar face in Saskatchewan as it relates to Mentorship. I met Doug in October 2010 through the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals (SAHRP) Provincial Conference. My initial encounter was memorable and our mentorship relationship has developed progressively since. Doug has offered himself to me as mentor; offering knowledge, support, experience and aids in … [Read more...]

TalentC an Asset to our Organization

TalentC® has been a great asset to our organization.  Throughout the consultative process of developing a mentoring culture our team truly appreciated the opportunity to learn how to become engaged, empowered and accountable.  The process of moving toward the development of a true mentoring culture does not come overnight but in this instance practice makes perfect.  The rewards have been … [Read more...]

Mentorship Program with Passion!

Doug is a very active member of the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals (SAHRP).  This activity includes acting on the Board of Directors as the South Saskatchewan Chair.  Part of his responsibilities is to “reach out” into the various communities to promote SAHRP as well as the Human Resource profession.  Doug is responsible for the research and implementation of the … [Read more...]