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            I am asked on numerous occasions to respond to questions regarding mentoring, mentoring process and how mentoring can bring value to individuals and/or organizations. Here are some of those questions and my responses. Q: How does one find a farming mentor? A: I just did a search via Google and used the words “farming mentor”. There … [Read more...]

Sir Richard Branson’s Center of Entrepreneurship Caribbean Program: Entrepreneurship and Mentoring

          Are you aware of Sir Richard Branson’s Center of Entrepreneurship Caribbean? The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean is a non-profit accelerator helping entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. They are on a mission to create dynamic Caribbean economies through entrepreneurship. The “Gift of Mentoring” spans many industries and many … [Read more...]


      I am called on to respond to questions regarding leadership and mentoring on the Quora website. I wanted to share those questions and responses with you on a regular basis. Here is the first installment: Q: Are you big on mentorship? A: Yes I am. I have seen my own growth through the “gift of mentoring” and I have seen the growth of others through deeper, richer … [Read more...]

Mentoring, Personal Development and Empowerment

          Fear can be a powerful tool that can cast a negative aura around all that it touches. Fear is something that we all face at various times in our life. Fear is something that we can manage or choose to let it manage us. Much the same as my position on stress. In the mentoring process there is always the stigma of fear when we bring up the topic … [Read more...]

Business Succession Planning and Effective Mentoring

  When you look around you and see all the businesses that are there to provide you service and meet a need you have for products/services you likely take things for granted. As one of those business owners you likely have that feeling of immortality – my business will go on forever. Somehow we think that the business can and will operate on auto-pilot after we are gone. Let me paint a picture … [Read more...]

Kevin Junek – Certified Mentor Practitioner

  Doug Lawrence, President TalentC® - People Services Inc. presents Kevin Junek, Senior Technical Account Manager, Microsoft, Canada with the International Certification for Mentoring (ICM) professional designation and pin as a Certified Mentor Practitioner. Kevin is actively involved in sharing the “gift of mentoring” with others. Some of the key mentor relationships he is involved in … [Read more...]

The Significance of Relationship Building

          Relationship building is an important element in effective mentoring. We sometimes take it for granted and we sometimes don’t really care about it. Today I was told a story that once again saddens me as it was clearly not effective mentoring and it was clearly not relationship building at all. There can be a number of barriers in the mentoring … [Read more...]

Ignite Adult Learning Corporation – An Inspiration

Today was an awesome day! I met with my Apprentice from Ignite Adult Learning Corporation. I along with a number of truly blessed volunteers are mentors for Apprentices that are part of the Mentor Program that Ignite has in place. I am inspired by the challenges that my Apprentice is dealing with and the manner in which he is tackling them keeping his eyes on the goals that he has set for … [Read more...]

Work-Life Balance and Mentoring!

Mentoring Mental Health: Helping Employees Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance The work-life balance. It's an equation we often hear given as the key to a happy, healthy life. Essentially it is about finding a balance between your job priorities and finding time to indulge in life outside of work such as hobbies or time with family and friends. For anybody living the life of a nomad digital, … [Read more...]

Bullying in Business: The Silent Scourge of the Workforce

          When we think of bullying, more often than not our minds are cast back to the schoolyard. Everyone knows someone, or has been themselves, a bullying victim. Canadian schools are no exception when it comes to this problem, with recent measures being taken by the Upper Canadian School Board in regards to a number of suicides related to bullying in their schools. Bullying in … [Read more...]