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Certification Standards

Doug Lawrence of TalentC® is Co-founder of the International Mentoring Community (IMC)

We have worked extensively with the International Mentoring Community to create  a mentor training program that is part of the International Mentoring Community. The instruction provides for:

  1. The Certificate of Recognition – Mentoring (establishes a base line)
  2. The Certificate of Achievement – Mentoring focuses on knowledge based on your understanding of 68 action_outcome statements (competencies).
  3. The Certificate of Competence – Mentor focuses on the practical application of these action_outcome statements (competencies) in your mentoring practice.
  4. The Certificate of Competence – Journey Mentor focuses on guiding candidates through the certification process and to become a mental health ally.

The International Mentoring Community uses a competence verification system for mentor certification and re-certification.

  1. https://wellthmovement.com/mentor-schools/
  2. https://wellthmovement.com/mentoring/
  3. https://wellthmovement.com/mentor/

Professional Development Unit Recognition:

Canadian Construction Association:

Established in 1918, Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) vision is to build Canada with ethics, skills and responsibility. CCA’s mission is to be the national voice for the Canadian construction industry.

Across Canada, CCA represents more than 17,000 members firms drawn from 70 local and provincial integrated partner associations. CCA gives voice to the public policy, legal and standards development goals of contractors, suppliers and allied business professionals working in, or with, Canada’s non-residential construction industry.

The Canadian Construction Association website can be located at: www.cca-acc.com