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PhotoAt TalentC® we strongly believe in the power of mentoring. We offer one-on-one mentoring to individuals and train others to be effective mentors in their own organization. As a certified competent mentor you will have the skills and training to evaluate a situation and determine the best course of action, helping the mentee to reach their own understanding and outcome.


The benefits of one-on-one mentoring:

  • Growth both personally and professionally
  • Belief in yourself and in your capabilities
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Increased engagement in your workplace
  • A desire to continue to be a contributor to the success of the company
  • Knowledge that it’s okay to make a mistake and learn how to move forward effectively

business-success-mentor-coachingOrganizations are looking for assistance to help their employees grow personally and professionally in their organization and/or to address challenges with their staff. The power of mentoring creates an environment for positive change. It brings value to every organization and every individual it touches.


Why does your organization need one-on-one mentoring?

  • Mentoring programs are effective in reducing turnover.
  • Typically, individuals that do not receive regular mentoring will be looking for another job within 12 months.
  • The more mentors that a woman has, the faster she moves up the corporate ladder
  • Managerial productivity increases exponentially with mentoring versus training alone.
  • Mentoring motivates employees to do their very best.
  • College and university students are listing mentoring as a requirement when looking for an employer.

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