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Our Mission

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Making You Successful Is What Matters

Our Mission

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I had the honor of mentoring a young lady a few years ago that was not happy where she was working, and she couldn't quite figure out why. She went job hunting, but not with much success.  Her resume wasn't attracting the attention.  Lots of resumes went out, but she received no calls, no interviews.

She was referred to me for mentoring, and I said, I’ll do what I can to help you.  I looked over her resume.  You could feel the negative energy emitting from the resume, and I understood immediately why she wasn’t getting any calls. I asked her "How is this working for you?" "Not that good." She replied. "Tell me a little more" We talked for a while, peeling back the onion skin as I call it, until we discovered what the root cause of this disenchantment was.

It turned out she was immersed in a toxic work environment, negative all the time.  It was impacting her performance at work and in her life.  She didn't believe in herself; the job was eating away at her self esteem.  She didn't like who she was as a person. She was doing good work, and her boss kept throwing it back at her, saying it was not good enough! Through our work together, our mentorship journey, she started to believe in herself. 

I encouraged her to do positive affirmations every day.  How good she is; she does good work; she’s worthy, etc She invested time and money in herself as she began to believe in herself portraying a confident image in her workplace and outside her work environment.  Within a short period of time she started getting calls as a result of her new resume and she was successful in obtaining a new job.

In her new job she became the advocate for positive energy in the workplace!! They are now looking to hire her long term, because they love her to death!
It’s a perfect match.
This is what mentoring is all about for us; whole life changes.  We started re-building who she was, with a balance of personal and professional growth.  She gained new confidence, and with the support she needed, found the job of her dreams and began valuing herself as a person It's  about helping people get to the root cause of what the issues are, while finding their own solutions.  Our approach garners long term change.
Because Making You Successful Is What Matters!


Through trusted relationships we gain an understanding of your needs and partner in creating innovative solutions that facilitate business and personal success.

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