TalentC® and MentorCity™

join resources to fuel the “power of mentoring” worldwide!

Human resources solution provider TalentC® and mentoring software innovator MentorCity have established a strategic alliance built on a mutual passion to leverage the power of mentoring to assist organizations and their members to grow personally and professionally.

Both Canadian companies have been active in the global marketplace, promoting mentoring as a performance enhancer to the challenges faced by organizations, including: improving employee engagement and retention, identifying training needs, sustainable and ongoing skill development, strengthening teamwork and co-operation across departments and regions, and enhancing diversity at the leadership level.

And at the forefront, they are also advocating organizational mentoring to turn the looming boomer brain-drain into added value for companies and individuals … to turn a global problem into a global solution where everybody wins.

TalentC® has been focused on harnessing that knowledge and experience through proprietary programs of organizational succession development and accredited mentoring solutions. They help client organizations worldwide ensure successors have the tools for roles of greater responsibility, and that the company retains and grows the benefit of their talent investment. TalentC®’s accredited mentor training curriculum and International Certification for Mentors (ICM) are International Standards Organization (ISO) compliant.

MentorCity is an online mentoring platform which connects an organization’s members to meaningful learning relationships, automates and refines the mentor-mentee matching process, and enhances the relationship-building and results with embedded best-practice mentoring tips and guidance. The software creates a structured and informed universe to support participants, and provides the organization with valuable feedback and the tools to drive a vibrant and sustainable mentoring culture.

The partnering of TalentC®‘s powerful mentorship programs and training with MentorCity’s robust online platform will empower both companies to bring even more value to their clients worldwide … and help create a world where everyone has access to a mentor!
TalentC® is a human resources solution provider that is focused on succession development – the development of the successor that is part of an organization’s succession planning process. We help client organizations ensure successors have the tools for success in roles of greater responsibility. TalentC® has developed with the International Mentoring Community an International Mentor Certification(s) all of which are guided by International Standards Organization (ISO).
Faced with lost productivity and toxic work environments brought about by a disengaged workforce - approximately 75% of the workforce worldwide today is disengaged - organizations are challenged to continue to meet the needs of their clients and retain quality talent. TalentC® works with organizations and their people to develop an engaged, empowered and accountable workforce enabled through a positive mentoring culture.

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experience the “power of mentoring”!

TalentC® and On Purpose Leadership Inc. have established a strategic alliance built on our mutual interest to assist organizations and their people to achieve greater levels of success and excellence. The combination of On Purpose Leadership’s Talent Management, Assessments & Training programs combined with TalentC® ‘s powerful Mentorship programs allows both companies to provide enhanced services to clients in Saskatchewan, across Canada and across the globe.

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