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 Amy Jane Of Amy Jane CPA
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 The Regina Construction Association

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Testimonial From: Dania Meyers

I had only an inkling what mentorship was before I took my training with TalentC.  After taking both Levels One and Two to become an Internationally Certified Mentor, I now see the tremendous impact mentorship can have on an organization, a group of any size and most importantly personal life.

Through my own mentoring work I have witnessed amazing positive results through these 2 areas, self -confidence and practicing better communication.

With the growth of self -confidence it allows one to become a risk taker.  Mentees have commented they no longer feel alone and isolated with their problems.  They now have someone to celebrate the positives and successes no matter how small. For example, positives/successes I’ve seen include de-cluttering a desk to become more organized to restarting training for a job that she is passionate about, which, in the long term will allow her to move out of her current employment.  My own self confidence has grown, as well, to be able to ask more meaningful questions and to establish a trust that allows a mentee to become comfortable to share concerns and begin to develop an action plan.

The second, better communication, I feel both my mentee and I have benefited the most. It was important to make the time to pre-plan upcoming conversations, especially those that are perceived as difficult.   First to identify your goal or purpose for having this conversation, next, to identify areas that may be challenging, finally to ensure your thoughts are presented clear and concisely.

A pre-planned approach fosters a more positive outcome than walking in and just “seeing what happens.”

Together “WE” support a change –personal and/or professional. With a guided approach, the people I have worked with have been able to think through the steps needed to resolve their current problem while at the same time have the confidence to tackle the next one.

The course continues to drive home the point that critical thinking skills are desperately needed in today’s world, more than ever.

Mentorship may take some time and dedicated consistency but the benefits gained both personally and professionally are exponential!!!

Thank-you TalentC!!!!

Dania Meyers

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Testimonial From: Bob Bayles

Doug is a very active member of the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals (SAHRP).  This activity includes acting on the Board of Directors as the South Saskatchewan Chair.  Part of his responsibilities is to “reach out” into the various communities to promote SAHRP as well as the Human Resource profession.  Doug is responsible for the research and implementation of the inaugural “Mentorship Program” for the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals.  

This program in its first year of operation had a total of 51 matches (mentor-mentee) resulting in 102 personnel being involved in the program.    The mentorship program is now in its second year of programming and numerous matches continue to flourish and new matches are continuing to be made. Doug has taken the feedback from the participants and continued to improve the program making it a continued success.

Doug believes in youth and sees them as our future leaders of tomorrow. Doug’s leadership style has resulted in the successful mentoring of numerous individuals. Many of these individuals have gone on to add value to their communities with their own successful careers. Doug’s passion is contagious. He is committed to helping our association be successful through our most valuable resources our human resource professionals.

As a non-profit association, SAHRP is proud and thankful for the many volunteer hours that Doug Lawrence has contributed to making our association and its mentorship program as successful as it is.

Bob Bayles
President – Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals


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Testimonial From: Jenine Boser

Mentoring with Doug has been inspiring. He has such a natural ability to forge a trusting relationship that I feel extremely comfortable with him. He's helped me believe in myself; both as an aspiring HR professional and a future leader. I have gained so much confidence talking with Doug. He pushes me to think deeper and smarter and I feel more confident starting my HR career because of him. He inspires others to lead, creating future talent in a time leadership talent is lacking globally. 

He puts so much time and effort into his program and his mentees that his passion shines and you can't help but take notice of his work. I enjoy learning from his years of experience. Doug taught me the importance of "us" and "we “language and it has become a habit to speak like that in my day to day life. It has helped me build relationships both personal and professional.

I've become so much more aware of how important mentoring is and he has given me the tools to practice mentoring in my own life. I also like that our sessions together are a two way street; we both learn from each other, it has been rewarding. A mentoring experience with Doug will make you think, will teach you how to be more self-reliant and confident as well as teaching you how to build strong, trusting relationships with others. It’s valuable for all aspects of your life.


Jenine Boser, BBA – Major in Human Resources

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Testimonial From: Sarah Wenaus

"I first had the pleasure of meeting Doug in 2016 when I began to pursue my mentoring designation through Talent C.   At that time, I had just moved back to Regina from Montreal and was going through some challenges in my personal and professional life.   Doug immediately offered to mentor me and with his guidance, I was able to make some necessary but difficult decisions. 

I have also had the honour of watching Doug unfold as he endeavours more deeply into his spirituality.  As someone who works with energy and the world of the unseen, it is becoming more and more apparent that Doug's connection to the Divine is ever increasing and for this reason, he is able to help shift and heal people's lives at deep level.     

Doug is a gifted mentor, facilitator, and an overall wonderful human being.  He is able to connect deeply with those that he works with, helping them to shift deeply rooted patterns and to evolve through whatever challenges they may be facing.  I highly recommend him both as a personal and spiritual mentor!"

Sarah Wenaus

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