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For Mentors

Statistically between 79% and 90% of mentor training programs fail because of lack of corporate support, lack of structure and lack of training.

TalentC® is changing that statistic.

We’ve done 3 things:

  • Training – We developed a curriculum based on 30 years of leadership and mentoring knowledge to train individuals how to be way more effective as mentors.
  • Support – We provide ongoing mentoring to the organization’s mentors.
  • Structure – And we work hand in hand with HR departments to foster and sustain a mentoring culture in your organization.

We are a Journey Mentor for the International Mentoring Community

We believe that mentoring is important and brings value to every organization and every individual it touches.  Our goal is to raise the bar by creating an industry standard and best practices for mentors.

We work with mentors who want to make a difference in the world, and help people and organizations be the best that they can be. They really believe in the power of mentoring. By helping people discover how they will solve their issues themselves.

The International Mentoring Community and TalentC® will take your mentor skills to a higher level by increasing your knowledge of mentoring concepts and practices through action_outcome statements (competencies). As a mentor you will experience a deeper, richer mentoring experience which will be transferred to your mentee and others that you touch. Experience our program and see the benefits of a program that follows ISO guidelines for certification. Creating a deeper and richer mentoring experience. Our “journey mentor” service will guide you through the certification process. We want you to be successful in sharing the “gift of mentoring.”

The International Mentoring Community provides the instruction to facilitate achievement of the Certificate of Recognition – Mentoring, Certificate of Achievement – Mentoring the Certificate of Competence – Mentor, and the Certificate of Competence – Journey Mentor.

Check out these links for more information:

  1. https://wellthmovement.com/mentor-schools/
  2. https://wellthmovement.com/mentoring/
  3. https://wellthmovement.com/mentor/


  • You get the benefit of taking an international mentor training program
  • You receive a certification that follows ISO guidelines for certification and re-certification as an competent mentor
  • Ongoing support for you to really embrace the power of mentoring, adding incredible value to your organization or personal practice

What’s In It for You? Just think of the possibilities:

  • Knowing how to help others grow personally and professionally
  • Know how to create a mentoring culture in your organization
  • Enhancing the business value of mentoring
  • Creating increased productivity in your organization
  • Increased recruitment and retention
  • Becoming a mental health ally

We believe in the power of Mentoring

  • Mentoring programs are effective in reducing turnover, embracing the mentoring culture.
  • Typically, individuals that do not receive regular mentoring, will be looking for another job within 12 months.
  •  The more mentors that a woman has, the faster she moves up the corporate ladder
  •  Managerial productivity increases exponentially with mentoring vs training alone.
  •  “The experience motivated me to do my very best”
  •  College, university students are listing mentoring as a requirement when looking for an employer.
  • Mentors can become that “mental health ally” that is drastically needed today