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Organic Leadership and Mentoring

        I received a phone call a week or so ago from my good wife and partner asking me if I had heard the term “organic leadership?” She was attending a conference and they kept referencing this style of leadership, whilst also discussing other health care leadership tips and multiple leadership schemes. Unfortunately they didn’t provide much more information to them in the … [Read more...]

If They Only Would!

        “You should stay in your office and not socialize with the staff!” “You shouldn’t make friends with your staff!” I couldn’t believe my ears when this was passed on to me. I guess being surprised was an emotion that I need not have in this case. They do have a rather negative culture – managers are encourage to catch employees doing things wrong so they can … [Read more...]

Mentoring and Failed Leadership Programs

            I was considering not putting mentoring and failed leadership on the same line as the title. I recall instances in some of the organizations that I was an employee of that mentoring was actually the solution that was needed to help strengthen the leadership development program. Mentoring has become a critical solution to a lot of business … [Read more...]

Mentoring, Leadership and Trust

I attended an outstanding leadership event that I highly recommend to you. Leadercast 2015 brought together some very inspirational leaders via technology to a global audience. (http://events.leadercast.com/live) One of the many messages that I took away from this event was the need for leaders to develop trust. Trust is two way just like the relationships you build as a leader or as a mentor. … [Read more...]

Leadership – Can it Get Any Worse?

      I wrote about the recent findings that are contained in the Deloitte report entitled Global Human Capital Trends 2015 (http://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/human-capital/articles/introduction-human-capital-trends.html) and shared with you the top three challenges that organizations will face globally. They were culture and engagement, leadership and learning and … [Read more...]

Mentoring In Support of Leadership

          I was truly honored to have the opportunity to participate in LEAD 2015 (http://www.leadershipexcellenceanddevelopment.com/) and to hear President Bill Clinton speak as well as leadership thought leader Ken Blanchard. Our program was ranked 3rd in the International Partners and Providers category which is a humbling experience. It is those that we … [Read more...]


      Deloitte recently released its Global Human Capital Trends for 2015 and with it are some interesting observations. The top three challenges facing organizations in 2015 are: 1) culture and engagement, 2) leadership and 3) learning and development. Of the companies that were surveyed as part of this study only 6% of them are ready to address leadership issues, 10% are … [Read more...]

Mentoring – Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

        We look under the covers of an organization to determine are they mentor ready or not. We get asked if that is an essential thing that must be done and typically the answer would be “Yes!” One of the reasons that mentoring struggles and sometimes fails in an organization is that the current culture will not support mentoring. What ends up taking place then … [Read more...]

Mentoring – The Path to a Great Leader

        There is a lot of research material out there and a lot of people with differing viewpoints on the whole leadership landscape. The one thing that is consistent however is the fact that we are in the midst of a leadership talent shortage. When I think back over my career, I do honestly believe that we were in the beginning of that leadership talent shortage … [Read more...]

Leadership and Mentoring Challenges for 2015

        We have had some time to reflect on 2014 and look down the road to see what might be in store for us in 2015. Senior leaders will be preparing to take on the challenges that 2015 has for their organization and will be searching for business solutions that will assist them in meeting those challenges head on. With a focus on customer service and continued … [Read more...]