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Mentoring programs have a positive impact on the bottom line of an organization

DSC_8419Organizations of all sizes can benefit from mentoring. TalentC® builds trusted relationships to better understand the issues you face and develop strategies through the power of mentoring to address and resolve individual and organization-wide issues.


Mentoring is a powerful way to:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase Productivity
  • Enhance leadership
  • Create engaged and empowered employees
  • Develop new leaders
  • Address and overcome challenges with existing staff
  • Enhanced communication and relationship building skills
  • Provide a mental health ally


Benefits of having accredited mentors in an organization:

  • Engages and empowers employees
  • Great recruitment tool
  • Supports the on-boarding and orientation programs
  • New employees are productive much more quickly
  • Enhances the leadership development program
  • Creates a people-focused organization
  • Supports a Mentoring movement
  • Mental health ally


As a result of one-on-one mentoring your employees will experience:

  • Growth both personally and professionally
  • Belief in themselves and in their capabilities
  • Knowledge that it’s okay to make a mistake and learn how to move forward effectively
  • Enhanced communications and relationship building skills
  • Enhanced critical thinking skills
  • Support with mental health, mental well-being and PTS


Is your organization ready for a mentor program? There are four reasons that mentoring programs fail:

  1. Lack of corporate support
  2. Lack of structure
  3. Lack of training
  4. The organization has a culture that will not support mentoring

In order to determine mentor readiness in an organization we offer a culture assessment. This ensures that the implementation will be successful as it prepares a solid foundation on which to build a mentoring program or movement.

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