After many years of loose/occasional communication Doug Lawrence and I were able to reconnect using social media in 2010 and thus began a weekly routine of calling each other on Skype. With Doug first offering to provide me with free mentoring services, what developed was a rekindling of a lifelong friendship that is as strong today as it was nearly 40 years ago when it began. Doug is a kind giving, genuine soul whose wisdom runs very deep and whose generosity is always at the surface. In a genuine show of incredible caring Doug has utilized his immense experience in dealing with people to create a world class training program that is simple at its heart but incredibly complex in its effectiveness.

TalentC is the delivery mechanism for a massive change that is absolutely necessary and timely in today’s world. The fine art of Mentorship is one in which every person has the ability to perform but few have the tools required to act. The Level One program covers all the basics and delves right into the heart of how our society functions and what is necessary for a thriving future. Knowledge transfer is more critical today than ever before in our world and this program is timely, effective and absolutely necessary. My experience with Level One has left me with a strong desire to continue and a resolution to help bring this message to as many as I can in the future. Doug has created an easy to understand functional training program that will allow certified facilitators an opportunity to help support the coming change.

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