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Leadership, Culture and Mentoring

        Three very powerful words and yet three words that are not widely understood. I have often said that, “a great mentor is a great leader” and “a great leader is a great mentor.” Taking the right steps with your leadership development program is key to the development of your future leaders and future mentors within your organization. I would like to add … [Read more...]

What It Takes To Be a Mentor

        I was fortunate to speak at the IPMA 2017 Conference this past week. We did something a little different in that the format that we used was a round table discussion rather than a straight presentation/lecture. Like any mentoring opportunity I came away from the experience learning something about myself but also about a number of other people. What I heard … [Read more...]

Leadership and Mentoring – A Recipe for Success

          I always look forward to the Deloitte Human Capital Trends report as it provides us with some reminders of what is important and what we are not doing well. The 2016 report didn’t let me down as it drove home some very important messages for organizations and people that are aspiring to lead us into the future. It should come as no surprise to … [Read more...]

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level – What does it take to be a great leader?

You know mentorship is a huge interest for me! When my associate, Sherry Knight interviewed me she said how influential this information was for all leaders. Together we discussed it … Being a leader means inspiring others to listen to their own sense of wisdom. After all, we all think, have skills and experience. If you are or want to be a great leader you know it is critical you show … [Read more...]

Relationships as a Leader and Mentor

        Everywhere you look relationships are being built whether it be on a professional or personal basis. Some end up being solid relationships and some require ongoing care and feeding to ensure that they stay alive. A leader has a responsibility to those they serve to have the required skills sets and desire to build deep and meaningful relationships with those … [Read more...]

Leadership, Mentoring and Storytelling

          We have talked about the ability to effectively communicate by listening and hearing and visualizing conversations before they take place. If you are not listening to what is being said or not being said then you will not bring value to the mentoring relationship. Another technique that we can use as mentors whether we are internal or external … [Read more...]

Leadership Reflections and Mentoring

        I attended another energized Junto Regina Leadership Development session today where I was blessed to be in the company of so many inspiring colleagues. As I was driving home I reflected on the energy that was evident in the room and I wanted to share some of my thoughts from that reflection. For me, reflection has become part of my life. I reflect about … [Read more...]

Mentoring and Leaving Your Legacy

        I was blessed to spend some time the other day with some very brilliant leaders in our community and in the business world in general. We talked about a number of things and one of those topics centered on leaving a legacy. I want to take a few moments to share my thoughts and research on this topic and how effective mentoring plays a role in your … [Read more...]

Organic Leadership and Mentoring

        I received a phone call a week or so ago from my good wife and partner asking me if I had heard the term “organic leadership?” She was attending a conference and they kept referencing this style of leadership. Unfortunately they didn’t provide much more information to them in the conference. As a person who is passionate about the parallels between effective … [Read more...]

If They Only Would!

        “You should stay in your office and not socialize with the staff!” “You shouldn’t make friends with your staff!” I couldn’t believe my ears when this was passed on to me. I guess being surprised was an emotion that I need not have in this case. They do have a rather negative culture – managers are encourage to catch employees doing things wrong so they can … [Read more...]